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Ultra Suction

What is UltraSuction™?

UltraSuction™ is a patented system that holds upper and/or lower dentures in place using a mounted valve and suction chamber. A truly cost effective product that can be built into NEW dentures or into older dentures during the rebase or reline procedure. Best of all, it can usually be done in a day!


Ultra Suction
What do your teeth dream about?

Taste life again!

UltraSuction™ lets you start enjoying life again… eating, socializing and smiling! Start living worry- free from embarrassing situations caused by loose fitting dentures. Be confident again and smile!

Improved Speech and Taste More!

UltraSuction™ mounted on an upper denture helps reduce the size of the acrylic palate, thus improving both phonetics and taste.

Health Approved!

UltraSuction™ has class one medical device approval from the FDA(USA) and Health Canada. Pain free, worry free & hassle free!

How does UltraSuction™ work?

UltraSuction™ works on a fairly simple principle… suction. Once the denture is in place and tight, the gum rests against the suction chamber, expelling the air and forming a tight seal. The result– a better fit to the gum tissues and an improved resistance to dislodging forces. A pain-free way to enjoy eating the things you like, when you like!

What our customers say!

I sure love my new dentures. They actually stay in my mouth. I've had so many embarassments with my old set falling out while I was trying to eat. The new special device incorporated into these hightech dentures makes them so comfortable and very reliable. I can even eat corn on the cob again.

Greg Friedly, Seattle,

I would like to thank-you for the care and attention which was taken to give me such a natural appearance with my new teeth. The dentureretention is excellent. I can honestly say I would be happy to recommend this product. Once again, many thanks for your care and professionalism.

Joseph Heinlein, Boston,

The UltraSuction system was very easy to acquire and very inexpensive. I now enjoy the retention that I have with my new dentures.

Francis, Orlando,


The patented UltraSuction™ system offers you a more affordable solution to problem dentures and a healthier, cleaner choice to the messy and costly dental goop alternatives. UltraSuction™ is the clear, hassle free choice to a better lifestyle.