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Sore Spots and Gums



Sore gums or sore spots can be caused by a number of reasons. In the case of new dentures the usual problems are areas that are a bit too long or uneven pressure being applied by the tissue bearing area of the denture. This usually requires a simple adjustment by your denture specialist. However, here as with everything else, people vary considerably. Some people have practically no trouble at all, while some have a lot of trouble.


Also, many things can contribute to sore gums. For example, diabetic patients may have a great deal of more sore spot complications than the average patient. People taking blood thinners, patients with potassium imbalance, in fact just about any systemic problem an individual may have will contribute to weaken the live supporting tissue for dentures. This is not to imply that if you are having trouble with your denture that you have some mysterious disease. Only that your denture specialist is a trained professional who is trying to help with your problems, not create them for you.


Treatment for Sore Spots : The best home treatment for the "blisters" that arise from new dentures is a gentle rinse several times a day with a mixture of salt and warm water. Any of the current over-the-counter oral pain killers may be used for some immediate relief. Sometimes it might be helpful to remove your dentures for a few hours, then replace them later. Never hesitate to ask your denture specialist what he recommends.


The most helpful thing you can do is to try diligently to leave your denture in place at least 18-24 hours prior to your adjustment visit, so the denture specialist can actually see the problem and correct it quickly. Also, try to wait five days to one week between visits, as many of these problems will go away on their own.