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Replacing A Denture


How Often Should You Have Your Dentures Checked?Unless you are having some obvious problem or unless you have been instructed otherwise, you should have your dentures checked by a professional at least every 2 - 4 years. If yours is the first denture made after extractions, you probably should have them checked even more frequently.


How Long Should A Denture Last? There is certainly a great deal of misunderstanding in this area. A well constructed denture may last one hundred years. However, remember they are a false appliance and in this respect like eyeglasses. If you do not drop and step on any one pair of glasses they might last forever, however, as with all living tissue, your eyes and your mouth are constantly changing. Your dentures actually remain intact, they simply must be remade in order to update the new set of conditions in your mouth. If the changes are only slight, for example, causing the dentures to be loose, then the problem may be dealt with by s simply relining or putting a new inside in your existing denture.


Your gums are shrinking a little each day, but at such a slow rate you are not aware of the change. Then one day you take a good look at yourself and notice your face has sunken. A classic indication of the need for new dentures is when a person looks as though his chin might tough his nose if he were to close his mouth tightly. This often creates a "mean" look, or makes the individual look much older than his actual age.


Most important are the possible joint and muscle complications which can arise as a result of constantly closing your mouth too far. Frequent headaches and even hearing problems can occur from wearing dentures which are too short. Your denture should be carefully examined after about 2 years. If teeth are worn down a replacement may be necessary.